FAQ: Where To Visit In Cyprus In October?

Which part of Cyprus is warmest in October?

The temperature in October remains quite hot in Cyprus during October, more specifically in Paphos with highs of around 26.7 ºC and 10 hours of sunshine.

Is October a good time to visit Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is either side of the peak summer heat, in the months of May, June, September and October. During these months, the temperatures are warm enough for swimming, but not uncomfortably hot. Also, the crowds are much thinner, so it’s easier to enjoy the sand, sights and more active pursuits.

Is Cyprus still busy in October?

BEST FOR QUIETER HOLIDAYS If you want to skip the crowds on your trip to Cyprus, avoid the busy summer months. April and October are two of Cyprus’ quietest months for tourists, but thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the weather’s still warm – think temperatures around the mid-twenties mark.

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Can you sunbathe in Cyprus in October?

In October the weather in Cyprus is warm and sunny. Many visitors say that the weather in October is perfect, because they can enjoy the sun without the heat, humidity and sweat of summer. At the coastal areas of Cyprus the temperature during day time is 25-35 °C. At nighttime it drops to 15-25°C.

Where is hot and cheap in October?

Here are our picks for affordable holiday destinations in October that are hot enough for the beach!

  • Marrakech.
  • Cancun.
  • Crete.
  • The Algarve.
  • Cyprus.
  • Gran Canaria.
  • Malta.
  • Bali.

Is Cyprus hotter than Greece in October?

Cyprus is located in the south-east of the Mediterranean, just 380 kilometers from Egypt, so the climate here is warmer than in Greece. The velvet season in Greece and Cyprus is autumn: the fall is delightfully warm, but not hot. September and October, are considered by many tourists as the best time for holidays.

Is everything still open in Cyprus in October?

Everything in Paphos will still be open. Ditto to the above. We went last October for 10 nights, starting the week before half-term, and have rebooked for this year. It was very pleasant.

How hot is Paphos in October?

Cyprus has lovely clear skies, and you’ll get the very best of the island’s weather when you’re in Paphos. The average high’s 27ºC in October, which cools to a pleasant 16ºC at night. The sea temperature’s 24ºC, while humidity’s low. Average rainfall’s 18mm over three rainy days.

Does it rain in Cyprus in October?

Days are warm but the cooler evenings tell you that summer has already passed. On average there is one to four days of rain during October. Average maximum temperature for October is 27°C on the west coast and 28°C-29°C on the eastern-south coast and inland.

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Can you swim in the sea in Cyprus in October?

Re: When is it warm enough to swim in the sea? If you really want to base your trip around swimming in the sea then Sept to early October would be ideal. July/ August can be seriously hot in Cyprus but Sept/Oct the daytime temps are not as high but the sea temperature is great for swimming.

Are restaurants open in Paphos in October?

Re: Are restaurants and attractions open in,id-October? Yes everything is open then – October half term is popular with UK families so most places open until at least then. We have friends who visit Nov and Dec and they say there is still plenty of choice of places to eat and drink.

Is Paphos busy in October?

October in Paphos is very nice. Is quite busy but not that much as it in August, the weather is very nice and there are a lot of bars and restaurants you can visit!

How much money do you need for a week in Cyprus?

Cyprus trip cost Well, based on my estimates one week in Cyprus will cost you about $2,350 USD. Not too bad for a week-long vacation in the Mediterranean! Sure, Cyprus may not be as well-known as Italy or Greece, but if you are looking for an affordable beach destination in Europe, definitely consider Cyprus.

What is the holiday season in Cyprus?

The period from November to May is perfect for a relaxing wellness holiday by the sea, for excursions around the island and for cultural visits of music, art, folklore festivals. Cyprian winter is time to rest actively. You can go to the Troodos mountains for the energy of the mountains and the fresh air.

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