How Far Is Australia To North Cyprus By Flight?

How long does it take to fly from Australia to Cyprus?

The total flight duration from Australia to Cyprus is 16 hours, 5 minutes.

Can I travel from Cyprus to Australia?

Immigration and Visas All travellers, except New Zealand citizens, must obtain a visa or electronic travel authority before travelling to Australia. The Australian High Commission in Nicosia, Cyprus, does not provide visa or immigration advice.

Is Cyprus close to Australia?

How far is it from Cyprus to Australia? The distance between Cyprus and Australia is 12560 km.

How long is a flight from Sydney to Cyprus?

The total flight duration from Sydney, Australia to Cyprus is 18 hours, 27 minutes.

How many hours is Canada from Cyprus?

Flying time from Cyprus to Canada The total flight duration from Cyprus to Canada is 11 hours.

Is the border closed between north and south Cyprus?

All nine border crossings between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Southern Cyprus administration opened Friday morning after remaining closed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do I need a visa to travel to Cyprus from Australia?

Cyprus tourist visa is not required for citizens of Australia for a stay up to 90 days.

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