Often asked: What Smoke Flavor Is Being Used In Cyprus For Lountza?

What is Greek lountza?

In Cypriot cuisine, lountza (Greek: λούντζα) is made of pork tenderloin, which is first brined and marinated in red wine, then dried and smoked. Lountza may be served cooked or uncooked with alcoholic drinks such as zivania or wine.

How do you make Hiromeri?

To make hiromeri, you need pork leg, thick salt and red wine. It is a three to four-month process during which the pork leg, carefully cleaned of excess fat and veins, is matured in red dry wine and salt for 20 to 25 days. Every day it is checked and more wine is added if needed.

Is Lountza cooked?

Lountza is usually sliced and served uncooked as part of a light meze course, and it is often accompanied with zivania, the clear, potent distillation made from the pomace of local wines. It is also enjoyed grilled or fried.

What is lunza?

While it is not called that in the title, it is Lunza, the smoked meat we came to love in Cyprus. Sliced up and fried and served with sliced fried Halloumi cheese it is delicious.

What is in salami?

Salami Preparation Salami is traditionally made with pork meat, but some varieties may be made with beef, venison, poultry or other meats. The meat is blended with fat and then mixed with herbs and seasonings, such as salt, garlic or vinegar.

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What is bresaola meat?

Bresaola is salted and air dried meat, made from the tenderloin or fillet. It has a very dark red color, and is simply eaten sliced thinly, with olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper.

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