Often asked: Where Is Coral Bay In Cyprus?

Which part of Cyprus is Coral Bay?

An upbeat holiday spot Coral Bay is a lively seaside town on Cyprus’ west coast, nestled among banana plantations and vineyards.

Where is Coral Bay beach in Cyprus?

Coral Bay is a popular tourist resort in the Peyia municipality 11 km north of the city of Paphos. The coast to the north and to the south of Coral Bay is characterized by rocky headlands and sea caves, Coral Bay itself is a 600m crescent of soft white sand, enclosed by a pair of limestone headlands.

Is Coral Bay Cyprus safe?

Health and safety Coral Bay, as part of Cyprus, enjoys the same privileges as any other EU country when it comes to healthcare. Access to good health and medical facilities is uniformly high. Many travellers continue to seek the advantages offered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Is there coral in Cyprus?

Most of the sea life live in the coral reefs surrounding the island. Some famous coral reef sites include Zephyros and the Wall of Paradise.

Is Coral Bay north or south Cyprus?

In the south, the most popular beaches are Coral Bay, near Paphos in the extreme west, and the busy resort beaches around Agia Napa in the east, where hordes of holidaymakers soak up the Mediterranean rays and cool down with banana-boat rides, parasailing and other boisterous watersports.

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Is Coral Bay Nice?

Resort town safe and lively at night with lots of bars and restaurants along with tour and trip operators and superma coral beach is a lovely sandy clean beach, with a warm water, there is some nice restaurants and cafes around the b

How much is the bus from Coral Bay to Paphos?

The most affordable way to get from Coral Bay to Paphos is to line 615 bus, which costs €2 and takes 38 min.

Where are the sea caves in Cyprus?

Peyia Sea Caves can be found at the seafront of Paphos, in the Peyia village. The area where the sea caves are located can be described as a unique place of excellent beauty, geological and biological interest.

Is peyia nice?

it is a beautiful peaceful location, with just enough people for the children to mix with, it is never busy busy round the pool are. 6. Re: Peyia, Cyprus – good / bad comments please! I am not sure that I would want to base myself in Peyia for a holiday, although there are a few ex-pats who live there.

Can you swim with turtles in Cyprus?

We are super lucky here in Cyprus that we can observe sea turtles in their own environment most of the year. In most of bays in east coast of Cyprus you can swim and snorkel with them. Places like Malama Beach, DaCosta Bay or the most popular Green Bay offer easy conditions accessible for everybody.

Is Cyprus expensive?

Cyprus has for years been among hottest holiday destinations in Europe. Although closer to the Asia, the Republic of Cyprus is within the borders of the European Union and its currency is euro. Prices in Cyprus are moderate. Some say it is a little more expensive than in Spain or Greece.

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Does Cyprus have the best beaches?

Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and has a large variety of Blue Flag-awarded beaches. The Blue Flag certification recognises the environmental quality and water cleanliness of bathing sites, and Cyprus’s beaches usually rank highly when measured against other seaside spots in Europe.

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