Question: How Cold Does It Get In Cyprus In Winter?

What is the coldest month in Cyprus?

January, along with February, is the coldest month in Cyprus. On the lowlands minimum temperature might go below 7-8°C in the coastal areas and 5-6°C inland.

How cold does Cyprus get?

Temperatures generally range from winter lows of 17°C to warm highs of 31°C in the summer. The warmest month is August, but it’s usually very warm from early June until October. With Cyprus being so close to south-west Asia, the region is one of the warmest parts of the Mediterranean.

What is the coldest temperature in Cyprus?

The month with the lowest average high temperature is February (16.9°C). The month with the highest average low temperature is August (21°C). The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is February (7.6°C).

What is the weather like in Cyprus in winter?

Temperatures. Cyprus has one of the warmest climates and warmest winters in the Mediterranean part of the European Union. In Limassol, in the period January–February, the average maximum temperature is 17–18 °C (63–64 °F) during the day and 8–9 °C (46–48 °F) at night.

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Is Cyprus safe to visit right now?

Cyprus is generally very safe to travel to, even though it is geographically close to countries hit by terrorism and wars. Petty crime does occur, especially during the holidays and summer.

Is Cyprus hot all year round?

The island is generally basked in the warm sun the whole year round. Springtime on Cyprus is generally dry and cool. The autumn can be quite pleasant and mild on Cyprus. Winter brings the rainy season, but even from December through February visitors will find plenty of sun, and many warm days.

Is Cyprus warmer than Spain in winter?

Which part of Europe is warmest in winter? The south of Europe is always the warmest part of the continent in winter. The Mediterranean countries of Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Malta and Spain have much warmer December temperatures compared to their northern counterparts.

Is Cyprus nice in winter?

It’s definitely a great winter destination in Europe with a mix of culture, history, foodie finds and gorgeous hotels. Cyprus has one of the warmest winters in the Mediterranean part of the EU. This makes it a perfect winter break in Europe to get some sunshine.

Which part of Cyprus is warmest?

Summer is very hot, so much so that in the capital, Nicosia, highs are about 37 °C (99 °F) in July and August. The presence of such a hot area makes Cyprus the hottest island of the Mediterranean. During heat waves from Africa, the temperature in Nicosia can reach or exceed 40 °C (104 °F) from May to October.

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Is Cyprus expensive?

Cyprus has for years been among hottest holiday destinations in Europe. Although closer to the Asia, the Republic of Cyprus is within the borders of the European Union and its currency is euro. Prices in Cyprus are moderate. Some say it is a little more expensive than in Spain or Greece.

Does Cyprus get snow?

Does it snow in Cyprus? The answer is yes, but only in the mountainous regions of the island. At high-lying areas winter is cold and fluffy snow can persists for about four months from December to March. For this reason Troodos Mountains are a good place for skiing in winter.

What is the wettest month in Cyprus?

Cyprus, annual weather averages The wettest month is December with an average of 93.9mm of rain. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 27°C (81°F).

Where should I stay in Cyprus in winter?

Some of the Cosiest Places to Stay around Cyprus are in the Villages of Kalopanayiotis, Pedoulas, Kakopetria, Askas (Nicosia District) Pano Lefkara, Vavla, Kato Drys, Tochni (Larnaca District) Platres, Lofou, Omodos, Arsos, Potamitissa (Limassol District) Episkopi, Droushia and Pomos (Paphos District).

Is it hot in Cyprus at Christmas?

December starts the mild Mediterranean winter. December, however, is the warmest among the three winter months. Average maximum temperature for December is 19°C on the coast and 17°C inland, about two degrees higher than in January and February.

How hot is it in Cyprus in December?

Cyprus temperature in December At the coasts of Cyprus the temperature is 15-25 °C at daytime and it drops to 5-15 °C at night. The weather at Troodos mountains is a bit colder with temperatures of 5-20°C at daytime and -5 to 10 °C at night with a bit of snowing.

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