Question: How Hot Does Cyprus Get In Spring?

What is the hottest month in Cyprus?

Cyprus enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate that’s characterised by the region’s long, hot summers and mild, wet winters. Temperatures generally range from winter lows of 17°C to warm highs of 31°C in the summer. The warmest month is August, but it’s usually very warm from early June until October.

Will Cyprus be hot in April?

In April the weather in Cyprus is sunny and warm. Almost everyday is sunny with temperature during daytime between 18 and 32 °C. The weather in April is ideal both for sunbathing as well as for sightseeing and sports. It might rain but not as much as in winter or March.

Will Cyprus be hot in March?

As it’s close to southwest Asia, Cyprus has one of Europe’s warmest climates. It sits off the south coast of Turkey to the north of Egypt, with things getting hotter in March after the cooler winter. You’ll see lots of sunshine at this time, although there’ll be some rain and it gets cooler at night time.

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Is Cyprus hot all year round?

The island is generally basked in the warm sun the whole year round. Springtime on Cyprus is generally dry and cool. The autumn can be quite pleasant and mild on Cyprus. Winter brings the rainy season, but even from December through February visitors will find plenty of sun, and many warm days.

What is coldest month in Cyprus?

January, along with February, is the coldest month in Cyprus. On the lowlands minimum temperature might go below 7-8°C in the coastal areas and 5-6°C inland.

Can you swim in April in Cyprus?

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in April The season tourists are already swimming in the sea in the end of April, with the water temperature at around +18° — +20°C. Rainfall in Cyprus in April-May is a rare phenomenon. Some vacations can be overshadowed by brief sandstorms coming from Africa.

How hot is Paphos in April?

Paphos is known to have the best weather in Cyprus. The average high in Paphos is 21ºC in April, which is lovely for relaxing by the pool or on the beach. Things can get quite cool in the evenings though, so you should bring some warmer clothes with you. The sea temperature is 18ºC, while humidity’s low.

How hot is Larnaca in April?

The average temperature in Larnaca at this time of year is a mild 18°C, with highs of 23°C in the peak of the afternoon. Just 10mm of rain is expected in April, spread across seven days, so any wet weather’s usually light and very short-lived.

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Which is hotter Paphos or Protaras?

1. Re: Is it warmer in Protaras than it is in Paphos? The temps are more or less the same, with maybe a degree or two difference (Protaras usually the warmer place). Paphos has more humidity in hot weather but it’s too early yet to worry about it.

Is Cyprus expensive?

Cyprus has for years been among hottest holiday destinations in Europe. Although closer to the Asia, the Republic of Cyprus is within the borders of the European Union and its currency is euro. Prices in Cyprus are moderate. Some say it is a little more expensive than in Spain or Greece.

How many days of sun does Cyprus get?

In Cyprus there are from 300 to 340 sunny days a year. In winter average temperature is 13-15 °C, and in summer it is 30-33 °C. Cyprus climate is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world.

How hot is Cyprus in March?

March opens the spring in Cyprus. The weather becomes warmer and it rains less than in winter months. With days getting longer, there is almost 8 hours of sunshine a day. Average maximum temperature reaches about 19°C-20°C on the plains and 10°C on the mountain ranges.

How hot is Cyprus in March April?

On average maximum temperature gets up to 21°C-23°C on the coast depending on the area (west coast is cooler). It is warmer inland with temperatures reaching 24°C. Maximum temperature on the mountains is about 15°C. At night temperature drops to 11°C-13°C on the coast, 10°C inland and 6°C in the mountainous areas.

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How hot is Paphos in March?

In March the weather in Paphos is sunny and moderate with average daytime temperature around 22°C.

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