Question: How Much To Ship A Macbook Pro To Cyprus?

How much does it cost to ship a MacBook Pro?

The best way to ship a MacBook Pro costs about $30-40: Use a 17” x 13” x 5” box. Use plenty of bubble wrap. Use air pillow cushions on the sides.

Can Apple deliver to Cyprus?

In fact, you can ship any product from Apple directly to Cyprus at a low, inexpensive rate.

Can you ship a MacBook internationally?

Apple International Delivery Apple’s US online store doesn’t offer international shipping. It is the company’s policy: you can’t buy from Apple US and ship internationally directly. However, you can use a US package forwarding service to ship iPhones or other Apple goods from the USA to your country.

Does Cyprus have an Apple store?

Apple Shop finds its place in our store at The Mall of Cyprus, as a shop-in-a-shop solution, occupying a space of 50sqm. Our Apple Shop is designed by Apple in order to provide a full, authentic and unique customer experience.

Is shipping a MacBook safe?

Its perfectly safe. I followed my MacBook via e-mail and the Fedex website from the minute it left the factory in China until it arrived at my door. No problems.

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How can I ship a laptop without the original box?

If you don’t have the original box:

  1. Wrap your laptop in a 4″ layer of bubble wrap and seal with packing tape.
  2. Place your laptop in the cardboard shipping box (you can add a 2-3″ layer of packing peanuts on the bottom for added security)
  3. Alternatively, you can use a special laptop shipping box.

Does Apple really deliver in 2 hours?

Get the products you want, the way you want. All orders are currently shipping with free, no-contact delivery. And get free two-day delivery on almost everything else. Two-hour delivery. In most metros, we offer same-day scheduled courier delivery of eligible in-stock items from an Apple Store.

Can Apple ship to my house?

Simply shop with the payment method of your choice, and we’ll ship the order to any address within the 50 United States and Puerto Rico.

Is AppleCare really worth it?

Conclusion. AppleCare+ can be quite costly, but it’s often worth the spend. A damaged MacBook screen can be far more costly than the $99 fee Apple charges you when covered under AppleCare, so those who have anxiety about breakage should consider it.

Can I send a laptop overseas?

Can you mail a laptop overseas by post or by courier? Yes, both options are possible. If you are sending your gadget at the international level, check whether it will undergo a customs clearance procedure and prepare all the necessary documents.

How do I ship a laptop UK?

Stick to the following steps for the best way to ship a laptop:

  1. Arrange collection with a reliable courier.
  2. Consider whether you need to remove the battery.
  3. Place the laptop in its original packaging.
  4. Secure the original packing.
  5. Place the original packaging in a larger box.
  6. Don’t forget about laptop accessorieS.
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How do I ship a laptop package?

Wrap the shell of the machine with plastic or bubble wrap. To further protect against the risks posed by static electricity in transit, place the laptop in a snug-fitting plastic bag. Separately wrap any cables, plug adaptors, and other accessories in bubble wrap, and secure them with cable ties.

Does Cyprus use iTunes card?

iTunes Gift Cards – Cyprus. iTunes Gift Cards are the perfect gift for anyone that uses an Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, MacBook). It can be used on the iTunes Store, iBooks Store, App Store & Mac App Store for purchasing music, movies, books, apps, games etc in Cyprus!

What is the Apple support number?

Call Apple Support at 1-800-APLCARE.

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