Quick Answer: Who Is Lodovico Why Does He Arrive In Cyprus?

Who is Lodovico How does Othello treat Desdemona?

What does Iago tell Lodovico about Othello’s behavior? Lodovico is a representative from the duke and the senate, and Othello treats Desdemona very poorly in front of Lodovico because of her praise of Cassio and her saying that Cassio should be general and he should go home.

What does Desdemona tell Lodovico?

When Desdemona hears the news that she will be leaving Cyprus, she expresses her happiness, whereupon Othello strikes her. Othello does so, only to accuse her of being a false and promiscuous woman. He tells Lodovico that he will obey the duke’s orders, commands Desdemona to leave, and storms off.

What does Othello do that shocks Desdemona’s cousin Lodovico?

Lodovico, Desdemona’s cousin, has just arrived from Venice with a letter for Othello. Expecting to see a happy newly married couple, Lodovico finds they can hardly speak to each other. When Othello strikes his wife, calling her “Devil ” (235), Lodovico is shocked, but whatever he might say would only make things worse.

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How does Iago explain Othello’s behavior to Lodovico?

How did Iago later explain Othello’s behavior to Lodovico? He was shocked, saying that Othello’s behavior would not be believed in Venice; Iago says that Lodovico should observe Othello himself.

Why does Othello slap Desdemona?

Othello slaps Desdemona because she is not admitting to being unfaithful to him and he is getting increasingly frustrated with her. He feels as though

What does Othello call Desdemona?

I suspect you are referring to Act IV, scene ii, when, after striking her in front of Lodovico, Othello finally calls Desdemona a whore.

What does Desdemona want Emilia to do if she dies?

She has a premonition of death and requests Emilia, if she should die, to wrap her body in one of her wedding sheets, which are now on the bed. Desdemona sings the “Willow Song,” remembering the maid Barbary whose lover went mad and abandoned her, and she died singing this song.

Why does Roderigo want to drown himself?

Why does Roderigo want to drown himself? He lays out his plan to cheat Roderigo out of his money, to convince Othello that Cassio has slept with Desdemona, and to use Othello’s honest and unsuspecting nature to bring him to his demise.

What does Othello do when Desdemona says she is happy that Cassio will be governor of Cyprus?

Enter Lodovico, Desdemona, and Attendants. Lodovico, accompanied by Desdemona, delivers letters to Othello from the Senate of Venice. Othello, overhearing Desdemona say that she is glad that Cassio has been appointed the new governor of Cyprus, strikes Desdemona and humiliates her, then storms out.

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How does Iago manipulate Othello to feel jealous?

Iago builds suspense by refusing to speak about Cassio’s personality, which makes Othello increasingly suspicious. Iago also feigns friendship by warning Othello about becoming jealous while simultaneously planting seeds of jealousy and urging Othello to pay close attention to how Cassio and Desdemona interact.

What does Emilia say about cheating?

The song makes Desdemona think about adultery, and she asks Emilia whether she would cheat on her husband “for all the world” (IV. iii. 62 ). Emilia says that she would not deceive her husband for jewels or rich clothes, but that the whole world is a huge prize and would outweigh the offense.

Why does Iago urge Cassio to drink to Othello?

Why does Iago urge Cassio to drink to Othello? Iago urges Cassio to drink to Othello so that he would get drunk and stir up commotion with the other drunk guards. When Cassio enters chasing Roderigo, Montano tries to restrain him which leads to Cassio fighting Montano.

What does Emilia think is the reason for Othello’s accusations?

What is Emilia’s thought about Othello’s accusations? Emilia thinks that what actually happened has happened but she doesn’t know who tricked Othello. He wants Roderigo to kill Cassio so Othello must stay and so will Des. Othello seems much calmer since he has made up his mind.

What does Iago finally admit he did him to originally lie?

Emilia told what she had figured out about the situation on her deathbed; Iago confessed out of self-admiration and guilt; and letters were found in Roderigo’s pockets pertaining to and supporting the accusations against Iago.

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Why is Bianca angry with Cassio Act 4?

She sees it as proof that Cassio is having other affairs and relationships at the same time as courting her. In addition, it is clear that Cassio asked her to unstitch the embroidery that was done on the handkerchief so as to make it unidentifiable by the real owner.

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