Readers ask: What Realy Breaks Your Heart By Miley Cyprus?

When did Miley Cyrus release Nothing Breaks Like a Heart?

The band have just shared a pretty brilliant cover of Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus’ 2018 hit Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, adapting the country-disco tones of the original and giving it a more punk rock feel.

What song does Nothing Breaks Like a Heart sound like?

Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus have recorded a song called ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’. People are saying this sounds very similar to ‘My Silver Lining’ by First Aid Kit.

Which Miley Cyrus album has Nothing Breaks Like a Heart?

“Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” is a song by British musician Mark Ronson featuring American singer Miley Cyrus, released on 29 November 2018 by RCA Records as the lead single from Ronson’s fifth studio album, Late Night Feelings (2019).

What is Miley Cyrus’s latest single?

Miley Cyrus has released “Midnight Sky,” her first song of 2020. Cyrus self-directed her brazen new music video, which dropped in tandem with the track. The new clip and song was inspired by female music icons including Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and Debbie Harry, according to a statement.

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Who is the original singer of Nothing Breaks Like a Heart?

Five-time Grammy Award-winning artist and producer Mark Ronson has today released his brand new single ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’ featuring Miley Cyrus. The single was co-written by Ronson with Miley Cyrus, along with Ilsey Juber, Thomas Brenneck, The Picard Brothers, and Conor Rayne Syzmanski.

Who is Mark Ronson dating?

The seven-time Grammy Award winner, 45, is engaged to Grace Gummer, Streep’s daughter. Ronson confirmed the engagement on his The FADER Uncovered podcast. “I got engaged last weekend,” Ronson said during the podcast episode with Tame Impala.

What is Mark Ronson worth?

How much is Mark Ronson Worth? Mark Ronson net worth: Mark Ronson is an English musician, DJ and music producer who has net worth of $20 million.

Who is ronsons dad?

Mark Daniel Ronson was born on 4th September 1975 at St John’s Wood, London, the UK. His father Laurence Ronson is a real estate speculator and a music manager and his mother’s name is Ann Dexter.

Does Mark Ronson sing?

GROSS: Ronson is a musician, producer and DJ. He’s put out four albums under his own name and they all feature other artists singing the songs he co-wrote and produced.

Why is uptown funk by Mark Ronson?

Mark Ronson is a musician and producer, not a singer. People like him release their own songs, but, because songs* require vocals, they collaborate with singers to create them. In this case, “Uptown Funk” is his song, but he asked Bruno Mars to sing it because the latter is a singer that he likes.

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Who is Mark Ronson wife?

Joséphine de La Baume m. 2011–2018 /: Who is Mark Ronson wife? When was uptown funk released? 2014

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