Readers ask: What Year Was Cyprus High Built?

How old is Cyprus High school?

Cyprus High School is a public high school located at 8623 West 3000 South in Magna, Utah, United States. Cyprus High opened in 1918, and now has an enrollment of 1650 students. The principal of the school as of 2021 is Rob McDaniel. The school’s mascot is the Cyprus Pirate.

Where did Cyprus High School get its name?

The twelve-room building had an auditorium and the latest ventilation and heating of the time. According to a Salt Lake Tribune article dated September 26, 1917, the name of the building would be ” Cyprus, a term meaning copper, and significant of the copper workings in and near Magna. ”

Where will the new Cyprus high school be built?

The new Cyprus High School will be built at a new site at approximately 4100 South and 84oo West. The new building will essentially be a ‘sister school’ of the new Skyline High School, with a few exceptions.

How did Magna Utah get its name?

D.C. Jackling established the Utah Copper Company, which later became Kennecott Copper Corp. In 1906, the company began constructing its Magna Mill. He chose the name “Magna” from the Latin word meaning “great” or “superior”. In 1911, the companies merged and the mill was renamed Arthur Mill.

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What are Cyprus High School colors?

Carbon. For the former town of Columbia. 39.5142°N 110.3854°W. C. Magna.

Is Magna Utah a good place to live?

Magna is not a bad place to live and is a nice place to live if you want to get away from city traffic and hectic-ness of city life, but yet still close enough to drive in for work or to go shopping. We have good schools and a community sense where town people tend to care about others when they are in need.

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